Lead Tools & Pipeline Developer (2020 - 2022)
Triband ApS
Copenhagen, Denmark

Led a team of five developers from mixed disciplines tasked with streamlining development across multiple parallel game projects by providing tools and improving development pipelines. During this time our team implemented cloud based tools package deployment using NPM and a multi-platform build system, including a full CI/CD pipeline, using Jenkins. Also responsible for defining high level technology strategy, assessing technical risks and scheduling corrective action to ensure code quality and testability across productions.

Software: Unity, C#, Python, HLSL, XCode, Jenkins, Groovy, Shell




Technical Artist (2018 - 2019)
Unity Technologies
Seattle, USA

Technical Artist in Graphics R&D. Worked primarily on Shader Graph as part of a distributed 5 person team. Mainly responsible for implementing graph support for various renderer features as well as designing and developing extensible generation architecture. Also responsible for mentoring new hires and teaching implementation details.

Software: Unity, C#, HLSL, C++

Technical Artist (2015 - 2018)
Unity Technologies
Brighton, United Kingdom

Technical Artist working under R&D ensuring quality and usability of Graphics features. Worked as part of a five person team to deliver and support all versions of the Post-processing stack. Responsible for ongoing viability testing, automated test coverage, demo production and user interaction, as well as providing assets to be delivered with the package such as textures, shaders and technical documentation.

Software: Unity, C#, HLSL, 3ds MAX, Photoshop

Technical Artist (2013 - 2015)
Hotgen Ltd
London, United Kingdom

Technical Artist for Amazon Fire Phone launch title To-Fu Fury (Android & iOS) as well as numerous apps and prototypes. Responsible for shading, VFX, world building and graphical optimisation, as well as designing and providing technical assistance for Unity art pipelines for various platforms.

Software: Unity, 3ds MAX, Photoshop, HLSL, C#, Quixel Suite, MAXScript

Environment Artist (2012 - 2012)
Attractive Games
London, United Kingdom

Principal Artist (2011 - 2012)
London, United Kingdom


BA (Hons) Computer & Video Games (2007 - 2010)
First Class Honours Degree
Southampton Solent University

Created the Source Engine modification The Invaders Source as part of a Final Major Project module alongside two other artists.


References are available on request